About Sybotanica

Mission: Making Plants Happy
Vision: Every plant lover knows what their plant needs

At Sybotanica, we help plant lovers in Europe make their houseplants happy! Yours too!

We do that with 3 unique things:

1. Our homemade, perfectly adapted SYBASoil for your specific plant!
2. The most complete and easy selection tool that matches plants with their best potting soil!
3. A people- & environment-conscious production method good for people and nature!

Plants happy, people happy, us happy!

Origin - 2020

From bedroom to greenhouse to warehouse

Did you know Sybotanica started out selling plant cuttings on Etsy?

"I started in my flat with just a few plants, as Sybotanica grew the space began to run out. Here is a picture from the day we moved, showing my almost inaccessible bed. Although it may look uncomfortable, it was actually quite nice to be surrounded by so many plants."
~ Sybren

By now, we have moved 5 times, as we needed more and more space. After having had two different greenhouses as home base, a big decision was made that changed the course of Sybotanica considerably.

A new chapter - 2021

Focus on potting soil

Disappointed by the shortcomings of existing potting soil, Sybren then decided to pave his own way.

After weeks and months of research, experimenting, adapting and testing, SYBASoil was born, an innovative potting soil mix, perfectly tailored to the needs of 16 plant families.

This went so well that the sale of plants & terrariums was discontinued to focus completely on potting soil. And this also meant moving again, as a greenhouse was rather hot and unnecessary if you only sell houseplant soil.


The future

Now, in 2024, Sybotanica is looking forward to the future with a team of nine passionate people, determined to grow further and make even more plants happy.

And Sybren? He still has his hands in the soil every day, ready to make the world a little greener.

As we did miss the greenhouse a lot, we decided to bring the greenhouses to our new warehouse! They serve as the perfect plant office