Our mission
Giving the gift of nature forward

We want to give the gift of nature forward. We believe that shopping for your plant-related hobbies should be a one-stop shop, easy and fun. To keep the gift of nature going we have a sustainable approach to everything we do.

From bedroom to greenhouse

"I started out in my apartment with just a few plants, as Sybotanica grew the space started to run out. Below is an image of the day we moved, featuring my almost inaccessible bed. While it might look uncomfortable it was actually quite fun being surrounded by so many plants. We started from the absolute basics and today we are happy to have our own greenhouse."

~ Sybren

Who we are now
A small team with passion

We are a small team of 4 that puts our hearth and soul into this business. Together we work daily in our greenhouse (which doubles as an office) to provide the best possible service to our customers. We are growing quickly and improving our services wherever possible. 

What we do
Making the world greener

We believe in the power of giving the gift of nature forward, and do our best to protect the world by doing a few things:

- Employ people with a disability
- Fight the use of peat by using coco coir (our sphagnum mos is locally & sustainably sourced!)
- Our shipping carrier offsets all CO2 emissions from shipping
- Everything is sourced locally & responsibly, or as local as possible

Contact us

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