How to care for a terrarium and the most common problems.

Terrariums usually require no care, but sometimes they need a helping hand. Read on to learn about the most common problems. 


Spinning your terrarium

Sometimes you want to rotate your terrarium around so each side gets enough sunlight! Doing this ensures the prettiest growth and will prevent moldy spots. 

The plants/moss are looking bad.

While it might be sad to see your terrarium not flourishing, it can usually be fixed quite easily! 

Too little Water

Does the terrarium feel dry to the touch? If so add some water. 

Too much light

If the plant leaves & moss seem scorched, and the yellowing is worse on the bright side of the terrarium then you will want to place it in a more shady spot.

Too little light

If your moss is doing great, but the plants are declining then it is a sign of too little light. Moss excels at lower light levels but most tropical plants will need some of those juicy sunrays. 

Tip! If you see the leaves of plants reaching for the light, you should probably place it a little bit closer to your window

Combating mold

Mold can happen for a number of reasons, usually a combination of too much water and too little light is the main issue. Test to see if your terrarium is too wet, is the water level touching the soil? If so, leave it open for 24 hours and check again.

Tip! Add springtails to prevent mold and make the terrarium completely bioactive. 

The plants are outgrowing the container

If your terrarium is doing well, like really well, you probably will have to give it a haircut sooner or later. Using some regular scissors you can easily snip off the tallest plants.

Tip! Propagate the cuttings to create even more plants.

Do you have any other issues or want advice? Reach out to us and our terrarium experts will help you out. 

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