How to mix aroid soil that your plants will love

How to mix aroid soil that your plants will love

Just like cooking, there are advantages and disadvantages to mixing your own soil. A ready-made mix has all the advantages of a restaurant, it’s quick, easy and of great quality. However, it’s also more expensive. 

Mixing (and cooking) your own is more rewarding, you have the freedom to make a mix to your specific (plant) taste, and it’s cheaper! 

Zoomed in shot of aroid soil mix

What makes a good aroid soil?

With every plant, a good soil is one that mimics their natural habitat. Aroid’s originally come from tropical rainforests with high humidity and well-draining, airy & moist soil. It should be full of nutrients from composted organic matter (like worm castings!). 

The ingrediënts

All of these components can be bought at Sybotanica, and most garden stores. Click on any of these components to learn more about them, at the bottom there is a link where you can purchase these components. 

Aroid soil mix ratio:

  • 3 parts coco husk
  • 3 parts coco coir
  • 1 part worm castings
  • 1 part perlite
  • 1 part activated carbon

Mixing soil is not a science, it’s an art

Feel free to experiment and test out different components to your liking.

Why this works

As explained above, aroids come from the tropical rainforest. A combination of water retention, nutrients and drainage is ideal. The larger aroid roots also need space & oxygen to thrive. The coco husk and perlite provide the space the roots need. The coco coir & worm castings create a moisture-retention heaven for your plant’s roots. The worm castings provide lot’s of nutrients. The activated carbon helps to remove any toxins and prevents root-rot, which is a larger risk for aroids. 

Soil mixes for specific aroids

While this mix is a great all-in-one that fits most aroids (Monstera, Philodendron, Syngonium, Alocasia & more). We also have specific mixes for these plants that suit them even better, guides on this will follow soon! 

Tips & tricks

  • Fill a sealable container with the components, and shake around! 
  • Use a measuring cup about 1/10th the size of your container to fill it up completely.
  • Cover your container to keep the soil fresh and retain moisture
  • Always shake up the soil before usage

Components used in the Aroid Soil Mix

Alternatively, get your pre-mixed aroid soil here.
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Cover your container to keep the soil fresh and retain moisture.
100% not necessary. Covering soil does not keep nor make it fresh

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