How to choose the perfect pot for your plant

Every plant needs a home! Well, except some epiphytes of course. Today we are going to go over the basics, and I will give you an easy-to-follow plan for picking your perfect pot. Use the infographic for a quick answer, or read on to learn the ins- and outs of planting pots.

Which pot should I use for my plant infographic


To start off there are three things to consider.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Drainage holes

Nursery pot v.s. Decorative pots

Nursery pots are hands-down the best option cost & care wise. You can also place a nursery pot inside of a bigger decorative pot. 

The importance of drainage holes

Drainage holes allow water out of the bottom of the pot, preventing root rot. There are a few solutions if your preferred pot has no drainage holes:

  1. Place the plant in a nursery pot inside of your decorative pot
  2. Make your own holes. (More on that following soon)
  3. Just use it, and water carefully. (Not recommended)

Material of the pot 

Clay, stone or concrete

These pots are porous, which means there are tiny holes through which water or air can pass. This allows air to pass through the sides of the pots and reach the dirt, and allows water out. This makes the soil dry out quicker, which makes it excellent for succulents and beginners.  


Make sure to use an inside liner, or a nursery pot to prevent deterioration and rot. 


A great all-round pot which comes in many beautiful glazed patterns. 


Your average everyday nursery pot. Perfectly suited for any plant and can be placed inside of a decorative container. The most affordable option. 

Metal & stone

Keep these pots away from heat sources & direct sunlight, as these materials have the tendency to absorb a lot of heat and burn the roots. A quick and easy fix for this is to add a buffer, using a nursery pot inside the metal or stone pot.

Size of the pot

This one is simple, the larger the pot, the longer it takes to dry. Too long of a dry-out time can cause root-rot in plants. 

How much potting soil do I need?
Refer to this infographic. A volume calculator will follow soon!  

How much soil do I need infographic
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