Activated carbon, Why, What & How to use it

Activated carbon, Why, What & How to use it

You have probably heard of activated carbon and the benefits, but how do you properly use it? There are a few key ways to use activated carbon properly. Activated carbon is used in all of our soil mixes & terrariums. Read on to learn why it is a must-have.  

Why use activated carbon?

  • Prevents mould & rot in your beloved terrarium
  • Prevents mould, root rot & diseases in your beloved plants


  • No disadvantages to speak of! Except the dirty hands you get when handling it.

What is activated carbon?
Activated carbon (also known as activated charcoal) filters contaminants & toxins from water and air. It is processed to contain loads of pores that increase the surface area. This process is very similar to making popcorn. Activated is also commonly referred to as active. 


How to use activated carbon
Activated carbon for plants
Add activated carbon to your soil (our SYBASoil already has this added) and mix it in. Both pellets and powder work great for this. Shoot for about 10% of the total soil volume. 

Activated carbon for terrariums
Add a layer of activated carbon above the drainage layer and beneath the soil layer. The water will pass through the layer on each water cycle. Read more about creating a terrarium. 


Do you need activated carbon in a terrarium or soil mix?
While it isn’t totally necessary for plants (it still is an amazing choice!) It is a must have for terrariums. Rot & mould are very common issues that is easily addressed by activated carbon. Springtails also work great on reducing mould & rot. 

You can buy our activated carbon here.

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